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Ninpo Mask
(account deleted) 07 Jul 2010 15:11
in discussion Overview / General Discussion » Ninpo Mask

Here's the plan… You can probably do it all by yourself…

  1. Find a Village with Auto-Accepting Applications!
  2. Spy on that village…
  3. Look for 20+ players, who are within your range to bingo…
  4. After bingoing, quickly leave the village & join that village &…
  5. Use the Storm Favor !… get the Trophy ^_^
Ninpo Mask by (account deleted), 07 Jul 2010 15:11

So okay, some time back, McM mentioned in a variety of BC posts that there's *something* still hidden in the wastes. To date, noone has proven successful in finding it, but I've gathered (and failed to gather) several clues, ideas, and random thoughts that might help us, good ol' KT Village, be the first to publicly get it.

So, what the heck is it?
Short answer, I dunno. Long answer- these quotes speak for themselves:

Hmm! So there's some undiscovered allies and themes out in the wasteland? The completionist in me must know more! Any teeny tiny hints, please? :D

RyudoRazer 23:26 5/14
I didn't say that. All I said is that there were one or more undiscovered allies and/or themes.

I just thought of something, is there a plethora of hidden content in outskirts/wasteland? Just thought that this would be an ideal hiding place for massive content unlockable only after strict requirements.

Misutsu 8:31 5/13
players have foun dmost of everythign out there - a couple allies, themes, etc, but nothing srs.

Unfortunately, in looking for those quotes, I also found this one:

Two questions one about Billy other about you. In the Wasteland as it is currently is there anything currently still hidden there? What games do you think deserve to have had sequels made but weren't?

Articblaze 15:05 3/21
I don't think so. THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU.

Bother. On the surface, they seem to be conflicting infos. However, note that he never specified a location in the first two quotes. That probably means that there's still something, but apparently probably not in the wasteland. If anyone's interested in testing a theory, however, I thought that maybe if you have >7500 storm points racked up, something might happen in the wasteland. It's a pretty big maybe, but it might be worth checking out, especially if you happen to need to do some WL item grinding anyway. Other than that, I'll keep trying to piece together info on where things could be, and post here as I go.

Hidden Thingy by xynjiaxynjia, 07 Jul 2010 09:55

OK, based on some preliminary calculations, my estimate for ryo, resource, and time costs to build and blow up a new village is approximately: a lot.

As much as I'd love to be a monster (rawr!), I think it's really best to just find a cozy realm and migrate en masse. Thanks for the thought though, everyone. Maybe someday….

Re: New village or Migration? by WarclamWarclam, 07 Jun 2010 03:13

Working on the plan, might take a bit. Anybody know a more easily navigable list of what each upgrade costs than having to click on each one in the wiki?

Also, yaayyy!

Re: New village or Migration? by WarclamWarclam, 06 Jun 2010 16:35
Re: New village or Migration?
(account deleted) 06 Jun 2010 15:32
in discussion Overview / Village Relations » New village or Migration?
  1. Also make a plan of the Total village Ryo & Resources cost for 70+ upgrades (include Shady dealings Lv 3 bonus) & base 50,000 Ryo for the village
  2. Prepare an order of the upgrades to be purchased
  3. Amount of time required from creation to blast off
Calculate all the values from minimum to maximum range

Using a google spreadsheet may be better !

Re: New village or Migration? by (account deleted), 06 Jun 2010 15:32
Re: New village or Migration?
(account deleted) 06 Jun 2010 15:07
in discussion Overview / Village Relations » New village or Migration?

Guess I was wrong …… After I did a little experiment

In Fantasy Immortal realm, Kaiju Kage is Celeste but Kaiju ccfff also is present.
Also Shoukyaku has 2 too Drazhar & Roy007.
Same with Arctic , North & Fry.

So a kaiju can join other Immortal Realms but cannot help Attacking other villages

Then let's help you finish the Immpossible Mission & join another Immortal realm

Re: New village or Migration? by (account deleted), 06 Jun 2010 15:07

It says that Kaiju can join other villages. Where does it specifically outlaw joining realms?

I have some friends I could probably convince to join up, but they don't actually play BvS yet, so I'm not sure how long they'd actually end up staying, since they may not like it. So… not that useful, really.

Re: New village or Migration? by WarclamWarclam, 06 Jun 2010 11:53

You can probably put tons on that list too. If he isn't already for it, I'll probably be able to convince him.

Re: New village or Migration? by xynjiaxynjia, 06 Jun 2010 09:55
Re: New village or Migration?
(account deleted) 06 Jun 2010 04:16
in discussion Overview / Village Relations » New village or Migration?

How many people are ready to help you build a village in the first place….. we need atleast some villagers…


If we use any alts…. it would be called alt abuse…. <—— This is not an option

Re: New village or Migration? by (account deleted), 06 Jun 2010 04:16

Of course, we could do the same thing- but in reverse! Join a realm for a while, preferably one that has a fair chance of going under at some point. Gather up the active ones with our crew, and use them to make a bigger starting village. It's a gamble, but its also just the kind of evil plan I like.

Re: New village or Migration? by xynjiaxynjia, 06 Jun 2010 03:11

Looks like a good analysis, yes. If it came down to a vote, I'd vote for starting a new village, but the immediate benefits do favour joining an existing realm.

An alternative is to do both— build a new village, go boom, then join somebody else's realm. This is a dumb plan that benefits nobody but me, but I felt compelled to mention it. I'm trying to be fair here, despite my selfish desires. ^_^ Also it's impossible, as Nayaka pointed out. NVM

If we do decide to make a new village, I satisfy the current requirements for the Impossible Mission (if we can scrape together the 50 villagers, of course), but in future it will require R00t rank, so it might make sense to acquire that before starting the new village. No sense not planning ahead.

Re: New village or Migration? by WarclamWarclam, 06 Jun 2010 00:16

So, here's my thoughts on the matter-

New village, under Clammy
This option is to start a new village with Warclam as the Kage
Village leader who knows us, likes us, and most certainly works well with us.
New village would have an above-average starting group, with a strong list of support people right from the outset.
Get to run through the Playerkai and Major Kai lists again.

Its a new village- Even with the extra power, its still going to take time to build up to reasonable strength.
Turning it into a realm is a low probability- Many villages are trying to boom, but the current p-base doesn't go out of their way to help X village become a realm any more, probably since most people have STI these days.
Low numbers- I consider anything below 30 players a small village.

Joining a Realm-
This option is to join someone else's undersized realm, assuming that we agree on a T3, mostly complete village.
Complete village- We'll have all the upgrades right away, so no sitting waiting wishing you could go on a certain mission.
Fully Staffed- Odds are good that it will already have a full compliment of vice staff to handle all the detail work.
Systematically encouraged- Currently, all signs point to McM making changes to encourage fewer villages with more people. Going with that before major changes are made is probably a good decision.

Unknown quality- There's a lot of Kages out there, with their own style of play, and personality. The possibility exists that we could end up with one that simply doesn't mesh with our hands-on style. That could mean trouble down the road.
No sense of accomplishment- None of us will be able to sit there and say 'I helped make this'. It can make loyalty a somewhat difficult thing.

What it seems to come down to is whether we want the guarantee immediate power, potentially sacrificing some degree of solidarity and usefulness in the process, or if we want to take the long, hard, and more emotionally rewarding route, and risking the lack of long-term power. Looking at it this way, I have to personally lean more toward the choice to join a realm, though emotionally speaking I'd much rather we started a new village.

I also feel that no matter what, us KageTenshi peeps should try to stick together. That way we know that we've at least got the support among each other to fall back on.

New Village or Migration? by xynjiaxynjia, 05 Jun 2010 21:11
Resource Points
(account deleted) 13 May 2010 11:28
in discussion Overview / Village Relations » Resource Points

I was thinking we not only can use the Forum but also use Pages in this wiki….
Therefore just keep the Forum only for discussion & use the page Resource Points for the rules and other things

Resource Points by (account deleted), 13 May 2010 11:28
Re: Unbelievable
(account deleted) 28 Apr 2010 11:25
in discussion Extras / Zombjas » Unbelievable
Re: Unbelievable by (account deleted), 28 Apr 2010 11:25

Curse you, rveach! Always stealing my thunder!

But yeah, anyway, good stuff. Takes all the fun out of it though.

If you are using Firefox & Greasemonkey Scripts….
Follow this :

Re: Getting Mastery with 2 Elements by (account deleted), 20 Apr 2010 02:09

This is a series of step-by-step instructions to win you elemental mastery in a 2-element synchronization. It only works if you're legacy, so you can see what the first element is (technically you know what it isn't, but with two if it's not one it's the other). This version assumes that the first element is fire; if it's lightning, then just reverse all elements (so FFLL becomes LLFF and so on).

guess FFLL:
—if 4/0, you win in 1 yay!
—if 2/0, guess FFFF, you win in 2 yay!
—if 1/2, guess FLFF, you win in 2 yay!
—if 2/2, guess FLLF, go to (2)
—if 3/0, guess FFFL, go to (3)

—if 4/0, you win in 2 yay!
—if 2/2, guess FLFL, you win in 3 yay!

—if 4/0, you win in 2 yay!
—if 2/2, guess FFLF, you win in 3 yay!
—if 2/0, guess FLLL, you win in 3 yay!

(account deleted) 19 Apr 2010 06:15
in discussion Extras / Zombjas » Unbelievable

The record of getting infected with least number of Zs T_T
I had Immune level 5 & Zombja Survival Guide… that too I was in a Hospital !

I got infected earlier & had also done an attack loosing 5 HP, so I rushed back to hospital, first I Uninfected myself then healed 5 HP…
Unbelievable by (account deleted), 19 Apr 2010 06:15
XX th Map
WarclamWarclam 11 Apr 2010 12:08
in discussion Extras / Zombjas » Record

Twentieth Map - Hard On 4/10/2010 Saturday

Your Village has fought off the Zombjas! Everyone receives 10,000 Party House Ryo, and 5 Z Rewards! Special Rewards (+2): Most Zs Killed - Nayaka. Most Zettas Killed - Pewpew. Most Heals - aksdlk. Launched Nuke - None. Closed Gate - Nabla.

XX th Map by WarclamWarclam, 11 Apr 2010 12:08
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