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Ok guys, this is the personal forum to the village, be active and keep it clean ^_^
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For in general discussion of the game
734by (account deleted)
07 Jul 2010 15:11Jump!
For all your in village trades between players
11by pewpew
30 Jun 2009 14:43Jump!
Request rivals from other villagers
18by pewpew
01 Aug 2009 18:12Jump!
For questions/ suggestions of the village, news of your alts, to just how you've been and anything you want to say about KageTenshi
524by WarclamWarclam
07 Jun 2010 03:13Jump!
The fun mini-game madness that never ends
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The RNG's Domain
321by WarclamWarclam
28 Mar 2010 12:18Jump!
The Heavy Metal destruction of robots, does it get any better?
11by YoshirouYoshirou
01 Aug 2009 16:08Jump!
Killer zombies on the loose! We must band together!
444by (account deleted)
28 Apr 2010 11:25Jump!
The giant monstrous demons that the world of billy must band together to destroy!
24by WarclamWarclam
20 Apr 2010 14:19Jump!
From the general, to the dead, to the beach, to the fast food, to the trees. Discuss anything about missions
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Discussion about the difficult times
Discussion about the run-of-the-mill mission
14by WarclamWarclam
02 Mar 2010 18:42Jump!
Discussion about the other side
Discussion about the sandy desert
Discussion about the ninja diet
11by xynjiaxynjia
27 Mar 2010 14:03Jump!
Discussion about the long road ahead
121by YoshirouYoshirou
13 Aug 2009 09:29Jump!
The Epic, the funny, and the all around interesting videos that you've wanted to share.
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The hilliarious vids that you will most likely associate with YouTube =D
44by (account deleted)
18 Mar 2010 15:31Jump!
Just plain cool vids
The cool interesting info stuff that you think people should know about.
Vids that just don't have a category so they go in this one XD
All that extra stuff you know and love
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For any talk about the wiki and any suggestions you may have
Almost anything and everything, keep it clean
329by (account deleted)
18 Mar 2010 15:28Jump!

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